Message from the signed Joint Statement of the A5 Group countries: Unambiguous support for full NATO integration as a prerequisite for stability and security

The Heads of delegations of the US-Adriatic Charter, led by the Chairperson and host of the meeting, Minister Shekerinska, signed today the Joint Statement.

“On today’s plenary meeting all of the countries confirmed our determination to move on the road to full integration of this region within the Euro-Atlantic community. Only in this way will we be able to preserve the security, stability and prosperity of this region”,Minister Sekerinska said after the signing.

Shekerinska stressed that the Republic of Macedonia is determined to become the 30th NATO member state and the US-Adriatic Charter countries fully support this.

“One of the conclusions of the meeting is the unequivocal support for the Republic of Macedonia in gaining full membership in NATO. We also welcomed the contribution of Bosnia and Herzegovina in the NATO operations and its commitment to regional dialogue, cooperation and security”, Shekerinska noted.

The minister said that in the Joint Statement the A5 member states reaffirmed the important role of the United States, Croatia, Montenegro and Albania as fully-fledged NATO members in support of other aspiring countries.

In the context of participation in peacekeeping missions, the Mminister said that the A5 countries will continue to contribute jointly to global peace and stability. “We have noted the national decisions for increased participation in the “Resolute Support” mission and we expressed our readiness to consider other opportunities for joint participation in other NATO activities, in accordance with the needs of the Alliance and our possibilities”, the Minister added.

Part of the Joint Statement is also the positive stance of the A5 countries regarding the Macedonian initiative, the gender perspective in a wider security context, and the ambitions of Macedonia to have a leading role in its implementation are also welcomed.

As a conclusion of the successfully realized Ministerial, Minister Shekerinska said that in the past the region has many times been challenging for Europe, but that the countries will not allow history to repeat itself. “This significant initiative, the mutual contacts, the trust, demonstrate that our approach is changing. Our deeds show that regional cooperation is not just a phrase, it is a reality. We hope and are firmly committed all of our countries to be part of NATO and thus to project stability, security and prosperity.

The chairmanship of the US-Adriatic Charter for next year will be taken over by Montenegro.