Minister Shekerinska in a visit of the “Wolves”: A promise is a promise – in 2018 an increase in the salary of all members of the ARM, improvement of the conditions and assets for work

“The budget for 2018, which officially entered parliamentary procedure, confirms that the Government and I as a Minister will realize what we have committed, and that is after so many years to provide funds for increasing the salaries of all those in service of the Army of the Republic of Macedonia, in the amount of ten percent”, said Minister Radmila Shekerinska, who visited today the special unit “Wolves” in the Special Operations Regiment of the ARM in the Ilinden barracks.

After the exercise for “neutralizing a terrorist group in a multipurpose tower”, the Minister said that it was a unit known for its professionalism and experience, whose members were the first to represent Macedonia in the international missions.

“It is a fact that the people that the state often and in the most difficult situations relied upon, were often forgotten by the institutions and by those who are responsible for ensuring good working conditions”, the minister said. She added that this will stop and that this increase, although delayed, comes at the right moment to show that Macedonia is serious in supporting its own Army, but also serious in terms of our key ambition – membership in the NATO – Alliance.

Minister Shekerinska also stressed that the reforms in the Army and the defence do not stop. “What we talked about today was that we must do more in the area of insisting on professional, objective standards. Members of the Army must know that they will be valued according to their ability and knowledge, and not by favouring, either individuals or political parties”, the Minister said.

Shekerinska also informed that in next year’s budget, funds have been provided for improving the conditions and assets for work, and announced that in 2018 funds have been provided for two competitions for admission of professional soldiers in the ranks of the ARM.