Nikolic at the Regional School for Security: Let’s set an example and be a synonym for a country – exporter of stability and European values

The State Secretary in the Ministry of Defence, Dragan Nikolic, addressed today the Regional School for Security entitled “Identity, migration and the new security agenda of the European Union”, which is being held in Ohrid.

Nikolic stressed in front of the present professors and students from Macedonia, Greece, Bulgaria and Serbia, as well as representatives of non-governmental organizations, that “the path of the Republic of Macedonia towards its European and Euro-Atlantic integration is thorny and filled with numerous security and political challenges.” He mentioned the fact that Macedonia in the distant 2005 received the status of a candidate country for EU membership, but ten years later the European Commission defines us as a “captive state at the height of a political and ethnic crisis.”

“We were a captured state in a severe isolation with deep social problems. However, we struggled incessantly to liberate our country… Today, Freedom House is calling us the bright spot in the Balkans, and we should be proud of this. This is a relatively great success, taking into account our starting position just over a year ago”, the State Secretary said. He added that Macedonia wants to move forward, but that a key precondition for this is internal stability, coexistence, free media, the rule of law and the return of citizens’ trust in the institutions of the state.

The State Secretary emphasized that Macedonia has shown that it is focused on reforms related to the prevention of corruption and the return of democratic principles and the rule of law, and that both the citizens and neighbours recognize this.

“With our actions we are bringing Europe to the Balkans, and we are striving to take the Balkans to Europe. We wish to set an example and once again be a synonym for a country that will be an exporter of stability and European values”, Nikolic concluded.

The regional school is organized by the Faculty of Security in Skopje, the Konrad Adenauer Foundation, the Wilfried Martens Centre for European Studies and the Centre for Research and Policy Making.

The focus of the regional school is the development of coordination and cooperation in the implementation of the security policy, the strategic directions for migration, as well as the EU security policy and migrant policy.