State Secretary Dragan Nikolic on a working visit of Montenegro

A delegation of the Ministry of Defence of the Republic of Macedonia, led by State Secretary Dragan Nikolic, was on a working visit of Montenegro on 9 February 2019, where he visited the cadets from the 2nd year in the Military Academy “General Mihailo Apostolski”, who are carrying out their training in winter skiing in the Kolasin Ski Resort in Montenegro.

During the visit, the Macedonian delegation held a meeting with the delegation from the Ministry of Defence and Army of Montenegro, led by the State Secretary in the MoD of Montenegro, Slobodan Filipovic. The Ambassador of the Republic of Macedonia in Montenegro, Mr. Mihajlo Trpkovski, was also in the composition of the delegation from the Ministry of Defence of the Republic of Macedonia.

During the meeting of State Secretary Nikolic with the cadets and their commanders and instructors, the support by the hosts was highlighted as well as the gratitude for the conditions for the realization of the training in winter conditions-skiing.

Both delegations also attended the practical part of creating improvised accommodation facilities in winter conditions and the realization of the ski training.

The training in winter conditions for cadets from the MA is being traditionally realized for the eighth time in Kolasin, Montenegro, which additionally contributes to the excellent bilateral relations between the two ministries.

State Secretary Nikolic expressed gratitude to his host for the congratulations on the occasion of the signing of the Accession Protocol of the Republic of Macedonia to NATO and for the overall support that Montenegro gives in the process of transferring their experiences in the context of NATO integration.

The State Secretary in the Ministry of Defence of Montenegro, Filipovic, congratulated the successfully completed process of signing the Accession Protocol and expressed confidence that it will soon be ratified in the Parliament of Montenegro.

During the meeting the excellent bilateral cooperation was reiterated and the open support of Montenegro in the process of accession and integration of the Republic of Macedonia in NATO. On the meeting they also discussed the activities of the Bilateral Cooperation Plan for 2019, as well as the Action Plan.