Shekerinska: The good news has united all of us

“Today, it is truly a tremendous honour for me as Minister of Defence to see that all NATO member countries wished us a very warm, very strong, very loud welcome in the most powerful military political alliance in the world. Macedonia is no longer isolated, Macedonia is viewed as one of the few good news on European soil. The security of our borders is guaranteed not only by ourselves, but also by the Alliance, which inevitably brings increased security in our country and security in the region” Minister Shekerinska said today after the historic signing of the Accession Protocol for NATO membership in Brussels by the permanent representatives of the 29 member states.

Minister Shekerinska stressed that this is a success of all citizens of our homeland, a success that required the will, dedication and courage of an entire generation of leaders and patriots who took a decision that is aimed at the future. “This is the result that we achieved when we sat down and concentrated on the domestic agenda, when we sat down and restored the Defence in our political focus” the Minister said.
“It is a great honour for me that next week I will be able to participate for the first time at the meeting of NATO Defence Ministers on behalf of our country and on behalf of each and every citizen. As the first woman Minister of Defence, it will be my pleasure to represent all the citizens of our country in this most powerful military-political alliance” Shekerinska stated. She added that it sends two messages – one that when our country knows what it wants it can make it a reality; and the second is a message to all our young people, regardless of whether they are boys or girls that everything depends on their dream, everything depends on how hard they work and everything depends on the chances they create themselves. The dream, she noted, is what leads us forward and encourages us to make miracles both in our own lives and in the life of our country.

The Minister said that domestic and international investors no longer need to worry about whether their investments are safe and secure and that citizens do not need to worry whether the security and safety of the state is guaranteed. “The institutions will be able to provide additional opportunities for the business, but also for the citizens to get better paid and more jobs” Shekerinska said.
“We have made a strategic decision to leave autocratic rule and living behind us and dedicate ourselves to building an alliance with the European nations” the Minister stated.

After the signing of the Accession Protocol, the representatives of Macedonia will participate in all Alliance meetings, and the first official participation of a Minister will be next week when Defence Minister Radmila Shekerinska will take part in the meeting of the North Atlantic Council of NATO at the level of Defence Ministers.