Minister Jolevski in a tour of the accommodation capacities of the ARM on the southern border

The Minister of Defence of the Republic of Macedonia, Zoran Jolevski, made a tour today of the accommodation capacities of the Army of the Republic of Macedonia on the southern border, in the vicinity of Bogdanci.

On this occasion, Minister Jolevski stressed that during today’s visit, he was informed by the commanders of the ARM that are responsible for securing our southern border, that the situation at the border is stable and that the number of migrants is significantly reduced. “Compared to the period exactly one year ago when in coordination with the countries of the so-called Balkan route, this trajectory was closed, the number of illegal crossings has significantly reduced, and also since last autumn the tendency of crossings has reduced”, Jolevski said.

“The Army of the Republic of Macedonia and the institutions in Macedonia are carefully monitoring the situation on the border and the development of the migrant crisis. We have developed appropriate plans should there be an increase in the influx of migrants in the Republic of Macedonia from our southern side”, he added.

During the visit the Minister had a joint lunch with members of the ARM stationed on the southern border in support of the Police in dealing with the migrant crisis.

The Republic of Macedonia and the ARM have in many occasions given unselfish support to maintaining the security of the citizens of the Republic of Macedonia, the state, but also in a broader sense, to the region and Europe.