Jolevski for the Day of the Special Operations Regiment: 23 years of existence, development and leadership in the Army

You set the standard for quality for everything that means a true warrior, and your courage, patriotism, training, honesty and virtue are recognized and highly appreciated in the Republic of Macedonia and abroad. This message was sent by the Minister of Defence, Zoran Jolevski, to the members of the Special Operations Regiment on today’s ceremony in the Ilinden barracks, on the occasion of the Day of the Special Operations Regiment.

In his speech Minister Jolevski touched on some crucial segments that are important for the development of the regiment. “In order to strengthen your regiment, a priority in the past three years was put on the manning of the regiment. We have made changes to the Rulebook to give precedence to applicants who meet the conditions and criteria to become members of the special units of the ARM”, the minister said. Also, the regiment is part of the main process of modernization of the Army i.e. with personal equipment and new vehicles. “After 16 years, this is the most serious modernization. I’m sure that next year on this day you will be lined up with the new equipment”, Jolevski said.

In terms of sharing experiences and knowledge, the Minister referred to the connection of members of the Regiment with the extended family of the special units of the NATO Alliance. “It is not a coincidence that in 2015 we visited the Special Operations Command of the US in Tampa, and we also connected with the special forces of Poland. I expect these initiatives to result with concrete activities, training and exercises”, the Minister said.

On the day of The Regiment, Minister Jolevski added that the product for this enhanced development is the active involvement of the declared units of the Regiment in international exercises, which will increase the level of training, experience and interoperability with the partners.

For activities that follow in the future, the Minister said that the Special Operations Regiment continues to be a priority for the Ministry. “You are the source of valiant officers, officers with clearly established standards that have to be reflected. You are an example for all members of the Army”, the Minister said and announced that in the future in the organization of NCO courses, priority will be given to professional soldiers, precisely from the Regiment.

“Professionalism is proven permanently, with the daily execution of set-out tasks. Your primary function is combat readiness, as a condition for the fulfilment of the constitutional function – defending the territorial integrity, sovereignty, independence and unitary character of the Republic of Macedonia”, concluded in his address, Minister Jolevski.

The Special forces in the Republic of Macedonia are formed on 1 March 1994. In the 23 years of existence, the unit was transferred into the Special Operations Regiment composed of the Special Task Battalion – “Wolves” and the Ranger Battalion.