The Specialized Officer Course for NCOs and professional soldiers with completed university education has begun


“Currently, you are starting a new stage in your lives, the stage where, through specialized education at the Military Academy in the next few months, you will achieve your dream and become officers of the Army of the Republic of Macedonia”, stated the Minister of Defence, Zoran Jolevski, today at the Military Academy to the 23 NCOs and professional soldiers who have completed civilian higher education and applied on the announcement for a specialized course on a number of specialties in the Army. This type of specialized course is being organized again after more than eight years, and the pool of people who were able to apply on the announcement from the Ministry were NCOs and professional soldiers in the Army of the Republic of Macedonia.

On the first academic lecture Minister Jolevski said that within the 3-month educational process, several essential objectives will be achieved i.e. creating a well-educated officer, competent in technical, tactical and leadership sense, personnel that will possess the skills, knowledge and capabilities required to deal with all the challenges in the profession. The specific objective of the education and training in the Military academy is shaping leaders, psychophysically and morally prepared and professionally trained to carry out the formational duties in the Army of the Republic of Macedonia in all conditions.

“We are proud of you and your enthusiasm and unquenchable desire for professional training and building a successful professional career, because as professional soldiers and NCOs in the Ministry of Defence and Army of the Republic of Macedonia, despite your everyday professional obligations, you found strength to complete higher education in the Universities in the Republic of Macedonia”, the minister added in his address. DSC_8473--

The professional training of 23 candidates of NCOs and professional soldiers is being carried out after the issued announcement by the Ministry of Defence and according to the requirement for officer staff from 6 professions i.e. legal, quartermaster, technical, financial, music and traffic profession.

With the possibility to produce into officers of the Army of the Republic of Macedonia, the Ministry of Defence shows that it cares for the development of the employees in the Ministry and the Army members, and that efforts are made to most adequately use the skills and knowledge of each member of the Army, especially in areas that the Army requires to be manned.