Minister Jolevski on a meeting with students from Stanford University

Today in the Ministry of Defence, Minister Zoran Jolevski met a group of students and professors from the famous Stanford University in the US, where they discussed security and migration, with special reference to the Republic of Macedonia and its contribution to the stability of the region and Europe.

Minister Jolevski said that Macedonia, with its actions as a serious member of the international community, influenced the reduction of the effects of the migrant crisis that began in 2015. “The Army of the Republic of Macedonia, as support to the Macedonian Police, successfully dealt with the attempts for illegal migration. Our commitment from the very beginning of the crisis was and still is that the countries that are affected by it be in constant communication and coordination”, the minister said. What we need to do as part of this international crisis, he said, is to further develop mutual cooperation, at each level – state and institutional.

The great success by members of the Army, the Minister said, is due primarily to their gained capabilities through the large number of exercises with member states of the Alliance, but also to the extremely significant experience from participation in peacekeeping missions. “Macedonia has been actively contributing to international peacekeeping missions for over a decade, primarily in ISAF in Afghanistan, and then in the ALTHEA mission in Bosnia and Herzegovina, UNIFIL in Lebanon, as well as the new NATO mission in Afghanistan, Resolute Support. Qualitatively, the mission of ARM members, especially in the Resolute Support mission, has changed, whereby today we are contributing with a much larger number of staff officers in the Kabul region Command and this is very vital for the development of the officer corps of the ARM”, the Minister concluded on the meeting .

During their visit of Macedonia, the group of students and professors also met with professors from the Institute for Security, Defence and Peace of the Faculty of Philosophy in Skopje, and tomorrow they will also meet with some of the Ambassadors in the Republic of Macedonia.