Minister Jolevski spoke at a conference in the US Senate on “Global Terrorism and Cyber Threats”

The Minister of Defence of the Republic of Macedonia, Zoran Jolevski, who is on a working visit to the US, held several meetings with representatives of the Pentagon, State Department, Senate, Congress and think-tank institutions. Within the visit Jolevski attended the Security Forum on the topic “Global Terrorism and Cyber T​threats”, which is organized by the US Senate, and hosted by Senator Jim Inhofe, and participants were several senators and congressmen, as well as senior former and current officials and representatives from the US, European Parliament, most Balkan countries, as well as from Germany, Romania, Pakistan and Turkey.

Within the forum, Minister Jolevski gave an address where he noted that the Balkans belongs to the Euro-Atlantic region and its security is indivisible from the security of Europe. The global threats and challenges are strongly intertwined and affect the common security. He stressed the need to intensify the cooperation of the security structures in Europe with the goal of the more efficient dealing with the current and future challenges.

“The Republic of Macedonia, as well as the remaining countries from the region have a large and important role in the management of the migrant and refugee crisis that engulfed the whole of Europe” – added Jolevski.

Jolevski noted that given the current geopolitical situation in the world, Europe and the Balkans, it is necessary to take strategic steps. The integration of Southeast Europe countries is one of those strategic steps. We know that there are certain criteria or conditions that need to be met, the countries in the region are willing to work for its fulfilment, but what is needed is their swift integration in the collective defence systems.

The attending senators and congressmen stressed that the US remains committed to cooperating with Europe, which is a strategic partner in the fight against terrorism and cyber threats. This is a priority of President Donald Trump and his administration. The newly appointed Defence Secretary and the national security adviser are a guarantee for success in dealing with these security threats.