Minister Shekerinska from the barracks in Kumanovo: The salary increase has been realized, this year the admission of new 375 professional soldiers in the ARM

The increase of 10% for all members of the Army begins with the January salary, and this year new 375 professional soldiers will be admitted in the ARM, said Minister Shekerinska during today’s visit of the Joint Operational Command in the Kumanovo barracks “Boro Menkov”.

“Once again I can confirm that at the end of January, the payment of 10 per cent increased salaries to all personnel in the service of the Army has practically begun, a rise that has not occurred for many years and which indicates that this Government is taking into account the improvement of the life standard of ARM employees, thereby increasing and improving the combat readiness of our Army”, the Minister said.

One of the challenges facing the ARM is the lack of young personnel; the Minister said and announced the arrival of new 375 professional soldiers this year.

“This year we will receive new 375 professional soldiers in the Army of the Republic of Macedonia in three parts. This way we will rejuvenate our Army, offer a chance for military career for one part of our youth, and increase our combat readiness, as well as the capacities of the ARM”, Minister Shekerinska said and announced that the first competition will be announced in February.

“Our goal is for the young people to be informed on what criteria are necessary and for those who did not have the opportunity to volunteer to serve the Army, to have the chance to do it and apply in the second or third term”, the Minister said.

The second competition is planned for the beginning of the summer and the third at the end of this year. Shekerinska informed that budget funds have been provided for this.

She added that the admission of these 375 professional soldiers, apart from rejuvenating the Army, means that the Government is ready to invest in a better equipped, better prepared and better paid Army.

Regarding the procurement of new uniforms, the Minister said that in this year’s public procurement plan there is a considerable amount that can provide a basic and reserve uniform for each ARM member.

“We now expect the relevant services in the Army to prepare a technical specification and to begin the public procurement process. The money in the budget for this purpose is provided and I want to call upon the textile companies in the Republic of Macedonia to get involved, in consultation with us, where we will have technical dialogue, where we will present some of these requirements, so that we can obtain a better quality, and preferably a homemade uniform”, Shekerinska said.

Minister Shekerinska also made a tour of the “Boro Menkov” barracks in Kumanovo and got acquainted with the working conditions of the ARM members in this barracks.