Minister Shekerinska on a meeting with the first people of the trade unions: Our goal is to find solutions that will benefit all employees

Today, the Minister of Defence, Radmila Shekerinska, held a joint meeting with the President of the Trade Union of Defence and Security, Risto Ajtov, the President of the Defence and Security Sector Trade Union, Oliver Stojanovski, the President of the Independent Trade Union of Defence, Vancho Isajov and the President of the Independent Trade Union of Professional Soldiers, Adnan Alitov.

The first people of the Unions generally exposed the problems they faced and demanded a better living standard for employees, improving working conditions, refurbishing the facilities and motivating the professional soldiers.

 The purpose of the meeting is to find a solution to the problems that are numerous and to set priorities. For some of the problems we are already working on solutions, in the part of the equipment for soldiers and the payment of certain legal rights. We are open for cooperation, a policy to improve the situation that is conceived by the leadership, to reach every soldier, the minister said.

Some of the representatives of the Trade Unions complained about the politicization of the selection of professional soldiers, after the admission of cadets in the Military Academy, and the general politicization of the work of the MOD and the Army in the previous period. Minister Shekerinska said that it is obvious that the influence of politics has taken its toll, but that it will insist on professional work, and regarding the politicization in the army there will be zero tolerance.