Macedonia is once again seen as a successful example – Minister Shekerinska met with the Political Director for the European External Action Service in the EU, Belliard

Today, Defence Minister Radmila Shekerinska  met with a delegation from the European Union, led by Jean-Christophe Belliard, Political Director for the European External Action Service in the EU.

At the meeting attended by Angelina Eichhorst, Director for Western Europe, Western Balkans and Turkey, and EU Ambassador Samuel Žbogar, it was concluded that progress had been made in the reforms and that the Balkans was once again in the focus of the European Union.

“The Government of the Republic of Macedonia, together with the Parliament and other institutions, are focused on the reforms of the 3-6-9 program. We firmly believe that the return of the country on the road of integration into the European Union and NATO will contribute to domestic and regional stability, and we expect the support of the European Union for these processes”, said Minister Shekerinska at the meeting.

Political director Belliard stressed that the new positive atmosphere was clearly visible and that there were several elements that would help the Balkans as a whole, and one of them was Bulgaria’s presidency with the Union. He stressed that our country should focus on reforms and that Macedonia was again seen as a good example, which created a positive atmosphere in the European Commission.

Minister Shekerinska emphasized the fact that there is a full consensus on the integration into NATO and the European Union in Macedonia, and that when citizens and institutions see the region returning to the EU agenda, the mood for reforms is much stronger.

Shekerinska added that Macedonia wants to be part of the European defence programs and that the Ministry is committed to defence reforms and the development of key documents such as the Strategic Defence Review, but also to regional cooperation and contribution to peace and security through participation in NATO missions, the European Union and the United Nations.