“Environmental Protection Regional Training Team” in Skopje and at MR Krivolak from 05 to 09 November 2018

In the period from 05-09 November 2018, the workshop “Environmental Protection Regional Training Team” was held in the Army Home. This workshop is organized by the Ministry of Defence and General Staff of the ARM in cooperation with NATO and the US Office for Defense Cooperation in Macedonia.

The realization of this workshop will help to improve the joint environmental management of our military ranges in national and multinational training, protecting our national resources and at the same time it represents an excellent opportunity for the certification of the participants with a “NATO Course for Environmental Protection”.

In addition to NATO-SHAPE, the course is supported by expert lectures from the United States European Command, the Belgian Armed Forces, and the NATO Military Engineering Centre of Excelence.

The objectives of this activity are gaining and improvement of the knowledge and experiences of the members of the Ministry of Defence and General Staff of the ARM, as well as the representatives from the region in the field of environment protection and improvement; familiarization with NATO and EU regulations regarding the issue of environmental protection; as well as contribution to the further development and promotion of Military Range Krivolak as an international training and exercise range.

The training is attended by 30 representatives from the Ministry of Defence and General Staff of the ARM, from Albania, Croatia, Romania, Montenegro and Kosovo, and in addition to the lectures at the Army Home, work activities and visits of MR Krivolak and the Ilinden barracks in Skopje will be realized.