The Day of the 1st Mechanized Infantry Brigade was marked

With a military ceremony held at the “Strasho Pindzur” barracks in Petrovec, the 1st Mechanized Infantry Brigade (1st MIB) from the Joint Operations Command marked the Day of the Unit today.
Defence Minister Radmila Shekerinska congratulated the Day of the Unit to the members of the brigade and stressed that this unit contributed to the image of the ARM as an Army that is everywhere and always in the aid of the citizens of Macedonia.
Shekerinska said that the successes of the members of the 1st Brigade are spoken by all our partners in the participation in international missions and joint exercises.
The Minister expressed gratitude, but also assurances in the efforts of the Ministry and the Government for improving the working and living conditions of the ARM.
“The government decided to increase the salaries of all those who are in the service of the Army. We wanted as a Government to show that we keep our word and that we will fight for you just like you fight for Macedonia. Our only goal will be with every measure to improve your working conditions”, the Minister said. She added that this year’s defence budget has increased by 15 percent, she informed that the reconstruction of the roof structures of several facilities of the Army have been completed, including one facility in the Strasho Pindzur barracks, and funds have also been provided for the basic equipment, which with wise planning and permanent investments, will not represent a problem in the Army in the future.
The Minister announced that in the next ten days the procedure for the procurement of uniforms for each and every member of the Army will begin, and that there are ongoing discussions that will define the defence reforms in the coming years for the purpose of a stronger, better, more functional, more efficient army.
In his address in front of the ceremonial muster of the units of the 1st MIB, the Commander of the 1st MIB, Brigadier General Mirche Gjorgoski, pointed out that this day is an inseparable part of the brigade’s history, by showing respect to the liberation traditions we carefully nurture, and which represent a strong incentive for success and a recognizable part of the brigade’s cult.
On this occasion, General Gjorgoski presented in front of the guests the engagements and successes of the brigade in the past period, among which the constant engagement on the southern border within the assistance to the border police, the extinguishing of the burned forest in Makedonski Brod, the participation in five international exercises and the confirmation of the high NATO standards during the re-evaluation of the Medium Infantry Battalion Group.
On behalf of the members of the brigade, he said that the 1st Mechanized Infantry Brigade, as the most powerful unit of the ARM, constitutes the manoeuvring core and represents its most vital part; that is why the brigade members will further remain recognizable for their high professionalism, top notch training and impeccable performance of tasks, and the words “Honour and Power” that are our motto will always lead us in the service of the homeland.
In addition to the Minister of Defence, Radmila Shekerinska, and the Chief of General Staff of the ARM, Lt Gen Metodija Velichkovski, the ceremony was also attended by the Commander of the Joint Operations Command, Major General Zoran Mileski, the ARM generals, representatives of the MOD and the GS of the ARM, the former commanders of the brigade, commanders of ARM commands and units, representatives of the local self-government and other senior guests.
On the occasion of the day of the unit, members of the brigade units were awarded stimulative measures and promotions for achieved results, and the award for the best unit in the composition of the brigade was given to the Command Battery from the Artillery Battalion of Prilep.
At the end of the ceremony the units from the brigade carried out a ceremonial parade, while the members of the Education Centre of the Macedonian folklore Mitevi from the municipality of Gazi Baba carried out a fitting cultural entertainment program, and part of the assets and equipment that the brigade possesses was displayed on a demonstration exhibition.
In the days preceding the celebration of the day of the unit, blood donation activities and sports competitions were realized.
With the decision of the President of the Republic of Macedonia for determining days of the units of the Army of the Republic of Macedonia, the 2nd of April was determined as the day of the 1st MIB, as the date on which this unit was transformed according to the new organizational-formational structure of the ARM. With the achievement of the operational readiness, the 1st MIB assumed the tasks and responsibilities of the two former brigades, becoming the largest combat unit in the ARM.
This largest unit in the ARM, in whose ranks are members of several branches, is recognizable for the gained combat experience thus far and the participation in peacekeeping missions, a large number of exercise activities and high results from NATO evaluations, especially the Medium Battalion Group, dealing with the challenges of the migration crisis, but also the selfless help that the members of this unit provided to the citizens of the Republic of Macedonia every time it was needed.