The Army of the Republic of Macedonia has kept the citizens’ trust for 25 years

The jubilee 25 years Army of the Republic of Macedonia was celebrated on the plateau in front of the Ministry of Defence with a muster of MOD and ARM members and employees. At today’s ceremony, Minister of Defence Radmila Shekerinska and Chief of General Staff of the ARM Lt Gen Metodija Velichkovski laid wreaths on the memorial of the killed defenders in 2001.

On the occasion of 18 August, Minister Shekerinska addressed the present audience and stressed: “I wish to pay my tribute and give sincere gratitude, as defense minister and as a citizen, to those who carry the uniform of the Army of the Republic of Macedonia, those who take our security as their responsibility, those who are ready to risk their lives ex officio for our values”.

In her address to the present audience, Minister Shekerinska added that over all past years, the members of the Army of the Republic of Macedonia were with the citizens when it was the hardest. She made an assurance to all soldiers and officers who participated in the extinguishing of the fires that they would be financially compensated.

-               This unwavering dedication and sacrifice deserves to be valued. I undertake an obligation – to provide a fair compensation for all soldiers and officers who took part in the extinguishing of the fires. You cannot put a price on courage, but at the same time deeds speak louder than words, this includes the way we express our care. The courage and heroic effort of our soldiers must not pass without recognition – Shekerinska added.

            Minister Shekerinska called upon all ARM and MOD members to work together on our common vision, Macedonia as a NATO member, safe and prosperous.

To achieve these goals, we need discipline and consistency. We need the leadership of each and every one of you. Some of you will work on the strategic documents. They will have to compensate for the time lost. Some will dedicate themselves to the day to day functioning of the Army and the MOD. I commit myself to help improve this, starting with the elementary working conditions, the training and day to day operations. Some will continue to build the strong trust earned among our international partners, with the impeccable results shown in difficult operations and missions throughout the world. Stable Macedonia, secure Macedonia, Macedonia as a full-fledged member of the NATO Alliance is a giant step forward for the development and prosperity of our country, but also of the entire region.

During the ceremony, decrees for promotion of officers were read out, and certificates of appreciation, awards and badges were presented for contribution and development of the MOD and ARM. On today’s jubilee, ARM CHOD Velichkovski presented plaques to the first Minister of Defence and the first ARM CHOD, Trajan Gocevski and the retired Lt Gen Mitre Arsovski, respectively.

Marking this jubilee, delegations from the MOD and ARM laid wreaths on the Memorial at the Partisan Graves, at the memorial graves of the former presidents and commanders-in-chief Boris Trajkovski and Kiro Gligorov and on the grave of General Mihailo Apostolski.

This evening at 19.00 hours, 10 artillery salvos will be traditionally discharged in honor of today’s Army Day, 18 August.