Open Day in the Pilot Training Centre

“I am proud that today, on this open day, I can say that the ARM will become richer for three new pilots. There is no greater investment for every young person that the investment in his/her education and skills that can be acquired while they are young. I encourage you to apply and to be part of the future class of pilots who will be part of the ARM. Being a pilot is a great honor and one has to be very brave in this profession. We are very proud of our brave pilots who are part of the Army” – the Minister of Defense Zoran Jolevski stated on today’s open day in the PTC at the barracks Strasho Pindzur.

He added that it is a great challenge to become a military pilot, always ready to defend the territorial integrity of their homeland, and to be of help to their fellow citizens always and everywhere.

Jolevski conveyed his message to today’s visitors, young and motivated people with a set goal – to put to the test their capacities and capabilities as part of one of the most sophisticated and technologically most developed pilot training centres in Europe. “The PTC, as a unique and capital project of the Government of the Republic of Macedonia, together with the partner from Israel, the Elbit Systems company, offers a unique opportunity to complete military pilot training and become part of the Army of the Republic of Macedonia. Using modern methods in training, experienced instructors from the country and Israel, the Pilot Training Centre will introduce you to all the secrets of the pilot profession “- Jolevski said.

In his address, the Director of the Centre Jaari Shraga first congratulated, on his personal behalf and on behalf of the entire PTC staff, cadets Victor Bojkovski, Ljubomir Panev and Nikola Siligunis on their successfully completed eighteen months of training and wished them big success in their new profession as military pilots. In his message to the future pilots, he added that this Centre offers the unique opportunity to educate and qualify themselves as professional pilots and this is perhaps the only profession where work and hobby are merged.

Today certificates for completion of the training of the fifth class of cadets were awarded at the Centre. Cadet Nicholas Siligunis on behalf of the three cadets who completed the training expressed his gratitude to the entire staff that was their source of support and motivation and to all instructors who generously shared their experiences and knowledge with the purpose of finding the way to the sky heights.

Today’s open day was attended by many young people who had the opportunity to see for themselves the facilities and the conditions available in the Pilot Training Centre and to talk with some of the instructors and the graduated cadets and pilots from the Air Force Brigade.