Female ARM member, the first woman to command a mechanized infantry company

For the first time in the ARM history, a female member of the Army of the Republic of Macedonia will command a mechanized infantry company within the 1st mechanized infantry brigade.

By assuming the command of the 1st company within the 1st mechanized infantry battalion, Lieutenant Aleksandra Boshkovska has become the first woman to command a combat unit in the ARM’s 26-year long history.

At today’s military ceremony, Lt. Aleksandra, who previously performed the duty of a platoon commander, took over the duty of a mechanized infantry company commander from Major Sinisha Milkovski who has been assigned to a higher duty in the 1st mechanized infantry brigade HQ.

Lieutenant Aleksandra Boshkovska graduated from the Military Academy in Skopje in 2014 and the platoon she commanded was selected as the best platoon in the battalion on the unit day, based on the relevant criteria and internal procedures, and was presented with a cup and best unit flag.

Within the period 20 April – 11 May 2018, Lt. Aleksandra Boshkovska led the platoon in the international field exercise EFES 2018 in Izmir, Republic of Turkey. The organizers praised the platoon for its spotless participation.

In the unit flag take-over ceremony, Lieutenant Aleksandra Boshkovska pledged to perform her duty professionally and spotlessly as heretofore.