Shekerinska from the Military Medical Centre: Tomorrow we announce the first competition for admission of professional soldiers in the ARM

Defence Minister Radmila Shekerinska informed today that the first competition for the admission of 125 professional soldiers in the Army of the Republic of Macedonia will be announced tomorrow.

“Tomorrow we are formalizing and announcing the first competition for the admission of 125 new professional soldiers in the Army of the Republic of Macedonia, which will be part of a total of 375 new professional soldiers that need to strengthen the composition of the Army. By doing so we contribute to the policy of the Government of the Republic of Macedonia for creating new jobs that will be better paid”, Minister Shekerinska said.

She stressed that the goal of this step, as well as the increase of the salaries of the members of the Army, is to solve three issues, i.e. to increase the stability and security of Macedonia, to give a chance to the young people and to continue the tendency of growth in wages.

The Minister called upon all young people up to the age of 25 years with completed secondary education, who have already voluntarily served military service, to apply for this competition.

“The service in the Army is not only an honour, it is not only a responsibility, it is also a great opportunity for advancement, through trainings that we are realizing in more than twenty countries in the world, a chance for additional education and a chance for a profession that gives back with further professional development”, Shekerinska said.

The minister added that both the Government and the Ministry leadership keep their words and promises that were given. “We are strengthening the composition, we are strengthening the Army of the Republic of Macedonia, we have increased the salaries of all those who are in the service of the ARM, and now we are working to strengthen the investments in all military facilities. In addition, in the next 10 days we will formally begin the process of purchasing uniforms and boots that for many years have been the stumbling block and weakness of all those working in the Army”, the Minister said.

The Minister was introduced In the Military Medical Centre with the capacities of this important part of the Army of the Republic of Macedonia and discussed the possibilities of how to develop this Centre in the future.