Shekerinska paid tribute on the 10th anniversary of the helicopter accident near Katlanovo Blace

Today, wreath-laying ceremonies in memory and respect for the members of the Army of the Republic of Macedonia, who died ten years ago in the army helicopter crash on their return from the Althea mission in Bosnia and Herzegovina were placed on the memorials near Katlanovo Blace, in front of the Air Brigade Command in the Petrovec Barracks and in the Butmir Military Barracks in Sarajevo.

Defence Minister Radmila Shekerinska spoke on the memorial site at Katlanovo Blaze today and said that on this day we mark the sacrifice of the 11 members of the Army, but also we are reminded of the great risk the ARM members take in performing their job in protecting the state security and participating in peacekeeping missions. He added that the country has to appreciate and reward them for their work.

Shekerinska said that some of the families expressed their criticism regarding the investigations into the causes of the helicopter crash when talking to her. “I undertook the obligation to hand over all data and reports available in the Ministry of Defence to the new public prosecutor, if there are still any dilemmas about the reasons that led to the tragedy”, said the Minister.

The members of the families, as well as delegations from the Army of the Republic of Macedonia and the Cabinet of the President, paid tribute to the fallen members of the ARM.

On the memorial at the Butmir Base in Sarajevo, Deputy Minister Bekim Maksuti laid wreathes in honour of the soldiers.

The Mi-17 helicopter crashed on 12 January 2008. Lieutenant Colonel Toni Spasovski, Major Goran Ristovski, Captains Brane Spasovski and Igor Gjoreski, Sergeant Majors Sergeant Slavcho Vasilev and Toni Davitkovski, Staff Sergeants Janko Shirikj, Aleksandar Taskovski, the Sergeant Miki Ivanovski and Aleksandar Vasikj and the Corporal Zlatko Veljanov lost their lives in the accident.