Shekerinska and Tevdovski: We have provided an increase in ARM salaries by 10 percent in the 2018 budget

Defence Minister Radmila Shekerinska, who together with the Minister of Finance, Dragan Tevdovski, visited the barracks in Shtip, informed that all members of the Army of the Republic of Macedonia will receive a salary increase by 10 percent from January 2018.

“After the lengthy negotiations that we had conducted both with the Government and with the Minister of Finance, we managed to secure not only more funds for the defence in 2018, but also to provide sufficient funds for all members of the Army; those who serve in the Army will receive a salary increase of 10 percent from January 2018″, Minister Shekerinska said.

She pointed out that for a number of years not enough was invested in the conditions for work in the Army and that members of the Army rightly criticized that they were forgotten and neglected.

“We want to correct this injustice, we want to improve the working conditions, and we want to show that Macedonia is committed realistically for NATO membership. NATO membership means a real strategy, good policies and new equipment, but it also means a motivated staff. This is one of the manners how Macedonia will show that it is very serious in its efforts”, Shekerinska said.

“The goal of the Government is to restore Macedonia’s integration into NATO as one of the key priorities. NATO membership will make Macedonia more secure, safer and attractive for investments, but at the same time it will also be a way how to improve the working conditions, how to improve the standard and life of all members of the Army who are really always available for Macedonia when it is most needed”, she added.

Finance Minister Dragan Tevdovski stressed that the Government’s policy is for the ARM to receive its deserved place. “We support the increase of salaries in the Army and we think that it is important, the most direct factors, those who are fighting for NATO membership, and most directly contribute to missions, the soldiers, it is they who should have higher salaries”, Tevdovski said.

The Minister pointed out that NATO membership is important for the economy, because it means security, more investments. “In all countries in the region, it is already clear that joining NATO meant moving the economy and more opportunities that are especially important for Macedonia. Also, the growth of wages in the ARM is part of our struggle for increasing the general level of salaries”, Tevdovski said.