Shekerinska at the closing of the Macedonian-Canadian course “Exercise Planning Process”: Macedonia’s aim is to receive the invitation from NATO in July

The Minister of Defence, Radmila Shekerinska, today, attended the final session of the course “Exercise Planning Process”, which was implemented in cooperation between the Ministry of Defence and the Army of the Republic of Macedonia, as the hosts, and the Canadian Armed Forces. The Canadian Ambassador Kathleen Csaba accompanied Minister Shekerinska in her visit to the course.

During the visit, Minister Shekerinska was briefed on the course content and aims, the training techniques and the mutual cooperation and understanding of the students coming from several countries from the region and beyond.

In her address to the students and instructors of the course, Shekerinska expressed satisfaction and gratitude to Canada for organizing and conducting the course, and underlined the importance of that type of cooperation between the two countries and the other countries participating in the training. “I would like to encourage all the attendants to exchange ideas, opinions and experience, and thus contribute to enriching and strengthening the defence cooperation”, said the Minister.

In the eve of the NATO Brussels Summit in July, Shekerinska underlined that Macedonia’s aim is to get an invitation for membership, and that all efforts of our country are directed towards achieving this goal.

The Canadian Ambassador Kathleen Csaba thanked Macedonia for hosting the course and emphasized Canada’s dedication to support stability and development of the region, as well as to the interest of both countries in the regional cooperation.

The course, held from 4 to 15 June, was attended by representatives from the defence sector from Macedonia, Ukraine, Georgia and Bosnia and Herzegovina, and in addition to having instructors from the participating countries, there were also instructors from the co-organizer of the course, i.e. Canada.