Minister Shekerinska in an open and useful discussion at an informal meeting with the Macedonian peacekeepers

Today, the Minister of Defence, Radmila Shekerinska, had an informal meeting in the Ilinden barracks in Skopje with the members of the Army of the Republic of Macedonia, who were part of the last rotation in the missions “Resolute Support” – Afghanistan and “Althea” – Bosnia and Herzegovina. On this occasion Minister Shekerinska thanked all the members of the Army who had taken part in the missions in support of peace and security, and to their families.

“You are really recognizable with your presence in the missions, you are ambassadors of the country and with your personal work you show how much you can help your country and therefore I want to most sincerely thank you. Our aim will be to improve the efficiency and level of training of our Army” – said Shekerinska.

On this occasion, Minister Shkerinska once again conveyed the praiseworthy words addressed to the peacekeepers of Macedonia during her recent visit to Brussels and stressed that the determination of this Government is to restore enthusiasm, attention and reforms high on the agenda. She asked to hear suggestions from the peacekeepers – whether they lacked anything in terms of equipment and preparations.

The members of the ARM conveyed their positive impressions, praises and recognitions that were acquired during these missions, precisely because of their readiness and professionalism. On the informal meeting they also discussed the manner of transferring the experiences gained from peacekeeping missions to future peacekeepers, improving certain segments in the process of deployment in a mission, equipping with appropriate equipment, etc.