Meeting of Minister Shekerinska with NATO Brigadier General Marian Jeleniewski: To expand the military cooperation between NATO and the ARM

The Minister of Defence, Radmila Shekerinska, met with a NATO military delegation, led by Brigadier General Marian Jeleniewski, Deputy Director of NATO’s Cooperative Security Division.

The purpose of the visit of the military delegation from NATO was to initiate deepened cooperation between NATO and the Army of the Republic of Macedonia.

General Jeleniewski said that the intensified political activity of the Republic of Macedonia towards NATO should be supported with closer military cooperation, and offered three proposals for increasing the military cooperation between NATO’s military structure and the Army of the Republic of Macedonia.

1. Annual staff talks at the expert level. Experts from NATO and the ARM to discuss issues of common interest.

2. Regular annual meeting of the NATO Military Committee with the ARM (format 29 + 1).

3. Better representation of the ARM in NATO structures by deploying a national military representative of the Republic of Macedonia to Supreme Headquarters Allied Powers Europe (SHAPE) and manning positions for partner staff officers in NATO military commands.

Minister Shekerinska said that the Ministry of Defence and Government are providing not only support, but also a strong impetus to the proposals for better military cooperation. She expressed clear support for the direct communication between the ARM and the military segment of NATO, as well as the idea of ​​holding annual meetings between the NATO Military Committee and the ARM.

“I believe that without the cooperation of the MOD and the ARM there will be no progress, and the closer cooperation of NATO and the ARM can only benefit Macedonia’s NATO membership and improve the status of the Army”, Shekerinska said, and stressed that the strategic priority of the country is membership of the Republic of Macedonia in NATO, as well as democratic reforms and defence reforms.