Meeting Shekerinska – Boshkovic: NATO membership has brought Montenegro significant positive political and economic effects, Macedonia is following the same path

Montenegro and Macedonia have excellent bilateral relations in the domain of defense, Minister of Defense Radmila Shekerinska stated today at her meeting with the Minister of Defense of Montenegro Predrag Boshkovic.

The Minister expressed her gratitude for the strong support that Macedonia receives from Montenegro on its path to NATO, stating that the positive effects Montenegro has experienced after joining NATO are a great incentive for Macedonia to continue firmly along the same path.

- Last year I had the honor and pleasure of congratulating Montenegro on its NATO accession. We said that Montenegro’s success is both a motive and an inspiration, that NATO’s doors are open and that countries like Macedonia and Montenegro, despite all the challenges, can succeed in attaining their goals. Today I want to express my gratitude for the great support that Montenegro has offered and given to Macedonia in this period. We have been waiting for the NATO invitation for 10 years and we have seen these 10 years what are the consequences of stopping the integration processes. We believe that Macedonia will not miss this historic opportunity with the NATO invitation and the opportunity to start negotiations with the EU. We are pleased that the NATO membership has brought numerous positive political and economic effects to Montenegro, and that is why we want Macedonia to join NATO as soon as possible. Improved living standard, a country based on democratic principles and rule of law, powerful allies, and access to the developed world. That is the chance that Montenegro took, and it is the chance that Macedonia will not miss now – Minister Shekerinska said.
Montenegro has the best bilateral relations with Macedonia in the region said Minister Boshkovic and confirmed the strong support for Macedonia to become the 30th NATO member state.
- Montenegro became a full member of NATO just over a year ago and we are pushing for the whole region to become part of the largest military – political alliance. It is the best way for the region to tackle all challenges and commit itself to economic development and providing a better life for its citizens. To that end, first of all, the region needs to be safe, respect human and other rights, which is only possible with full membership of all Western Balkan countries in the North Atlantic Alliance. And that is why we were Macedonia’s biggest supporters for NATO membership and we put all our resources in place for Macedonia. What I can say to all citizens of Macedonia is that Montenegro has had a significant benefit from its NATO membership in the previous year. Beginning with completely calmed political tensions to economic benefits that are very good – said Boshkovic and added that he is sure that the referendum will succeed and Macedonia will soon become a full member of NATO.
The Pilot Training Center in Petrovec, which was visited today by the two Ministers, is one of the most modern facilities for conducting this kind of training in the Republic of Macedonia and in the region. Two members of the Armed Forces of Montenegro, former cadets from the Military Academy in the Republic of Macedonia, are the first two foreign nationals who have completed the pilot training in our Center.
Before coming to PTC, the Montenegrin Defense Minister Predrag Boshkovic and the Chief of General Staff of the Armed Forces of Montenegro Dragutin Dakic together with Deputy Defense Minister Bekim Maksuti and the Chief of General Staff of the ARM, Major General Vasko Gjurchinovski, attended the DV Day at Krivolak. They visited the members of the Armed Forces of Montenegro who carried out live firing in Krivolak.
The exercise in Krivolak is part of the Plan for Bilateral Cooperation with Montenegro in 2018 and is in line with the expressed readiness of the Ministry of Defense for enhanced bilateral cooperation with NATO member countries from the Region and in broader terms, as well as a signal for the training quality and conditions that TA Krivolak provides.