Meeting Shekerinska – Bošković: Montenegro supports Macedonia to be the 30th member state of the NATO Alliance

On invitation of the Minister of Defence, Radmila Shekerinska, the Montenegrin Defence Minister, Predrag Bošković, is today in an official visit of the Republic of Macedonia.

After the meeting with Minister Bošković, Minister Shekerinska expressed satisfaction that with the admission of Montenegro in NATO, this confirms that the open door policy for membership in the Alliance continues. Shekerinska noted that it is an inspiration and proof that when there is a commitment to the strategic goal, it is achievable.

“I congratulate Mr. Bošković on the membership of Montenegro in NATO. The Republic of Macedonia is satisfied because this is a friendly country, but also because it knows that there will be another additional ally within the NATO Alliance. In the past period the Republic of Macedonia put focus on its strategic goal, membership in NATO, and then membership in the European Union. We are involved in serious reforms, internal, domestic, where we will show that the Republic of Macedonia trusts and respects the rule of law, the independence of the media, the fight against corruption and meets the criteria considered as political criteria for NATO membership”, the minister said.

Montenegrin Defence Minister Bošković pointed out that the two countries have deep friendly, brotherly ties and that Montenegro’s experience of joining the Alliance can be of great benefit for Macedonia.

“Montenegro will be the greatest promoter of Macedonia’s interests in the European and Euro-Atlantic integrations, not only because Macedonia is a dear country, but because we believe that this is in the best interest of Montenegro, because only a stable and united region can be a good basis for economic growth and development throughout the region, which is a necessity for all citizens living in this region”, Bošković said.

The two ministers agreed that the bilateral defence cooperation is at the highest level, which is reflected in the excellent military education cooperation – the schooling of cadets from Montenegro in the Military Academy in Skopje, the helicopter pilot training in both centres in Macedonia and Montenegro, the expert talks. The talks also focused on regional cooperation, especially with regard to the US-Adriatic Charter, whose ministerial meeting will be held tomorrow in Ohrid.

Ministers Shekerinska and Bošković later participated in the “Goce Delchev” barracks in the official oath and promotion into 2nd Lieutenants at the Military Academy. On the ceremony 32 new cadets gave an official oath, 23 from Macedonia, five from Bosnia and Herzegovina, two from Montenegro and two from Kosovo, while another 22 cadets from Macedonia, two from Montenegro and Kosovo and one from Bosnia and Herzegovina were promoted in the rank of 2nd Lieutenant. On the ceremony another 41 participants were promoted to the initial officer’s rank with a completed professional course for training and specialization.