Meeting Shekerinska – Dux: Strong Hungarian support for Macedonia’s Euro-Atlantic aspirations will continue in the future

Today, the Minister of Defence, Radmila Shekerinska, had a meeting in the Ministry with the Ambassador of Hungary to the Republic of Macedonia, HE. László István Dux.
On the meeting, Minister Shekerinska expressed gratitude to the Ambassador for the long-standing support of Hungary, in the efforts for Macedonia’s membership in NATO. In that direction, Ambassador Dux assured that Macedonia can count on continued support from Hungary for every next step in terms of Macedonia’s membership in the Alliance.
“Priority of the Government and the Ministry will primarily be to implement a reform and realistic policy and to solve the internal challenges”, the minister said at the meeting. She added that the crisis situation on the border is extended until the end of the year, and the members of the Army are deployed to the southern border, because the migration crisis is a constant danger and must be monitored closely. In this regard, the Ambassador pointed out that stability in the Balkans is of significance for the wider region and Europe.
The Minister expressed hope that the bilateral defence cooperation will deepen and strengthen, with emphasis on joint military exercises such as the large international exercise “Saber Guardian 17″, where 71 members of the ARM are currently participating, out of which 14 members of the Special Operations Regiment are in Hungary.
The interlocutors also discussed the concrete opportunities for development of the bilateral cooperation, which has thus far developed significantly with regard to military education. From the Macedonian side, the Military Range Krivolak, the Public Affairs Regional Centre and the Military Medical Centre were pointed out, while the Hungarian Ambassador noted that the support with training in the Hungarian centres, including the Partnership Language Training Centre, and the donations for the ARM, will continue in the future as well.