Shekerinska-Gerberich meeting: Reaffirmed German support for Macedonia’s Euro-Atlantic integration

Today, in the Ministry of Defence, Minister Radmila Shekerinska, received the newly appointed German ambassador to the Republic of Macedonia, H.E. Thomas Gerberich and wished him success in his new responsible position.

At the meeting, Minister Shekerinska expressed gratitude for the political support that the Republic of Macedonia has received from FR Germany in the past years.

“For the Government of the Republic of Macedonia, the main priorities are the reforms in all segments of the society. Our ultimate goal is membership to NATO and the EU, and in that direction we expect the continued support of FR Germany, which we consider to be a particularly important partner”, said Shekerinska at the meeting.
The Minister underlined that in terms of the bilateral defence cooperation, Macedonia and Germany have the most comprehensive Program, both in the field of personnel training from the Ministry and the Army, as well as in relation to the joint participation in the NATO-led missions, ISAF and Resolve Support in Afghanistan .

Ambassador Gerberich expressed his satisfaction with the Government’s policy and the manner of coping with the challenges, both internal and external, and reaffirmed Germany’s support for Macedonia’s Euro-Atlantic integration. In terms of the defence cooperation, the ambassador pledged its further enhancement in all segments of society.

FR Germany is one of the countries with which Macedonia has the most developed and comprehensive bilateral cooperation in the defence field. It is based on the 1996 Cooperation Agreement, and includes areas such as defence policy, logistics, military medicine, CBRN related activities and other. The cooperation in language education has been especially developed, which enabled about 200 members of the ARM to study the German language as a prerequisite prior to receiving their education in the centers for higher education in Germany.

In the second half of 2012, Macedonia was part of the EU BG, where Germany was the lead nation, and members of the ARM are currently part of the Training, Advise and Assist Command (TAAC) – North in the Resolute Support Mission, where, once again, Germany is the lead nation.