Meeting Shekerinska – Karakachanov: Bulgaria is ready to help Macedonia become a NATO member

The strengthening of the good neighbourly relations between Macedonia and Bulgaria is beneficial not only for both countries, but also for the region and for all of Europe – agreed the Defence Minister Shekerinska and her Bulgarian counterpart Karakachanov, on the bilateral working meeting, held after the signing of the Good Neighbourly Relations Agreement between the two countries.

Defence Minister Shekerinska thanked the Bulgarian government for their quick reaction by offering the assistance of their helicopters in extinguishing the fires that spread in Macedonia. The agreement regarding the assistance was reached at the meeting of the two Prime Ministers, Zaev and Borisov, and the personal engagement of Minister Karakachanov allowed the assistance to be realized immediately.

- This shows that good neighbourly relations are always useful for quickly solving any problem – said Minister Shekerinska.

Bulgaria’s policy has always supported Macedonia’s independence, said Karakatchanov, adding that Bulgaria is ready to share its experience and contacts in ensuring the accession of Macedonia to the EU and NATO, sooner rather than later.

- Bulgaria wants to help Macedonia. The contacts we have created on our path towards the EU and NATO can be very useful to you. When Bulgaria, Greece, and Macedonia and all the countries in the region are part of the EU, the problems will be solved easily. We offer our expertise and advice for Macedonia’s accession to NATO – says Karakachanov.

The Ministers agreed to enhance the defence cooperation, in view of the training of the ARM members in Bulgaria, with respect to military education and military-medical training and specialization.

The meeting ended with an invitation extended from Karakachanov to Shekerinska for a return visit to Bulgaria.