Shekerinska-Karakachanov meeting: relations between the two countries will get better and better, and joint cooperation will intensify

Defence Minister, Radmila Shekerinska, today, met her Bulgarian counterpart, Minister Krasimir Karakachanov, who is paying an official visit to the Republic of Macedonia.

The two ministers gave the green light to the enhanced defence co-operation through concrete initiatives and the implementation of cooperation plan agreed at expert level.

“Today, we are here to show that the bilateral agreement signed by the Republic of Macedonia and the Republic of Bulgaria will not just be words on a piece of paper. Both the agreement and the events that followed after the signing of the agreement show that the two countries Macedonia and Bulgaria are aware that only through good neighbourly relations our region can move forward. Only by fostering good neighbourly relations we can guarantee our common security and the progress of our two countries,” said Minister Shekerinska and thanked the Republic of Bulgaria for “truly stood up to defend and promote our major strategic goal, i.e. NATO membership”.

Minister Karakachanov stressed that the Agreement, which was signed on 1 August, has developed into initiatives.

“We are convinced that the stability in the region depends on good neighbourly relations. The politics between Bulgaria and Macedonia have never been malicious and covert. Only through honest relations can there be more stability and order in the Balkans. Bulgaria supports the state unity and territorial integrity of the Republic of Macedonia. Our position is to help Macedonia become a NATO member”, said Karakachanov.

The defence cooperation between the two ministries will be specified through the following steps:

Expert visit to the Military Academy “G.S. Rakovski” in January 2018, in order to exchange experiences in the preparation of the Strategic Defence Review – (SOR), cooperation of the Special Operations Forces that will result in a joint military exercise in 2018, opportunities for future education in the military and educational facilities of the Republic of Bulgaria, specialist military-medical training of the ARM personnel at the Military-Naval Academy “Nikola Vaptsarov” in Varna, presentation of the capacities of the Military Training Area Krivolak, talks on cooperation between representatives of the two military aviations.