Meeting Shekerinska – Ossowski: Set an example in the region, you have the German support

Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Defence Radmila Shekerinska met today with Ambassador Thomas Ossowski, Head for EU Policy Coordination in the German Foreign Ministry. The meeting was also attended by German Ambassador Thomas Gerberich and Dorothea Gieselmann, from the Department for Europe in the German Foreign Ministry.

They talked about the government’s reform policies, the implementation of 3-6-9 Plan and the new impetus of good-neighborly relations.

Deputy Prime Minister Shekerinska expressed her gratitude to Germany for its support, as a critical and trusted friend, to Macedonia as a country, especially in the period of the prolonged political crisis. Shekerinska stressed that the Government is committed to fulfilling the reforms foreseen in the Plan 3-6-9, aware that once the political crisis is over, the citizens of the Republic of Macedonia will expect real results in the field of rule of law, the fight against corruption, media freedom, transparency, moving the state forward. Interethnic relations are strengthened, we are creating friends in the neighborhood, transparency has been established. In the domain of the rule of law, we appreciate Priebe’s recommendations that the judicial sector needs to be reformed – Shekerinska said.

Ambassador Ossowski welcomed the Government’s engagement in implementing the Plan 3-6-9 reforms and called it a new start for the country, which is of particular importance for unblocking the stalemate on its road toward the EU and NATO. The Ambassador said that Macedonia must show results in the field of rule of law, democratic structures, good governance and the fight against corruption.

The EU will continue its enlargement. You have Germany’s support, and it is good that your Government is committed to fulfilling these requirements. You have made the Plan 3-6-9 which is very positive, and you are aware that progress must be demonstrated – Ossowski said.

He welcomed the agreement with Bulgaria as an important step in promoting good neighborly policy and voiced support for the talks with Greece. It is important that citizens restore confidence in the judiciary, and corruption should not remain unpunished – Ossowski said.