Meeting of Minister Shekerinska with the Ambassador of Albania, Reka: Intensifying bilateral and regional cooperation for a stable and safe region

The Minister of Defence, Radmila Sekerinska, held a meeting with the Ambassador of the Republic of Albania, HE. Fatos Reka, and expressed gratitude for the continued political support that the Republic of Albania gives to our country in the process of integration into the North Atlantic family.
On the meeting, Minister Shekerinska stressed that it is necessary to intensify the bilateral and regional cooperation with the neighboring countries because they all have a common goal, a stable and secure region.
She stressed the possibility of using our education and training facilities, such as the Pilot Training Center and the Public Affairs Regional Centre and expressed gratitude for the offered schooling and personnel training for the Army of the Republic of Macedonia in the capacities in the Republic of Albania.
Ambassador Reka conveyed his confidence that Albania will continue to support Macedonia for the quick membership in NATO and that it supports NATO’s open door policy. He added that Albania would like to help achieve the goals of our country and that they are ready to share their experience. Regarding the cooperation, Ambassador Reka said that the security of the whole region is important and that the bilateral and regional cooperation should also intensify through the exchange of experiences and the use of different capacities of common interest.