Activities for the “Week of NATO” continue – high school students are attending the museum exhibition – the Republic of Macedonia on the road to NATO

From 04 April, NATO Day, until the end of this week, students from several secondary schools in Macedonia are visiting the museum exhibition “The Republic of Macedonia on the Road to NATO” at the Military Museum.

The exhibition is organized within the NATO Week and on the occasion of 25 years since the adoption of the Decision of the Assembly of the Republic of Macedonia for membership in the North Atlantic Organization and is organized by the Ministry of Defence in cooperation with the NATO Liaison Office in Skopje.

During the visit, the students can get acquainted with the NATO Alliance as the world’s largest defence organization, with the key events for the Republic of Macedonia in the past 25 years on the road to NATO, as well as with the activities that the Army of the Republic of Macedonia has in relation to the common security defence i.e. contribution to peacekeeping missions.

During the visits thus far, through active dialogue with the representatives of the ARM and with the defence attaches of the NATO member states in the Republic of Macedonia from Romania, France, Italy, the United States and Turkey, the high school students from the third and fourth year had the opportunity to find out what is the benefit from the membership in this organization, what are the goals, how can one become a member, with what security challenges has this defence organization been faced with from its formation to date, how to become part of the Army of the Republic of Macedonia, opportunities for studying in the Military Academy and so on.

The museum exhibition comprises of a photo-type edition of the Washington Treaty of 04 April 1949, the Day of the creation of the NATO Alliance, facsimiles of the key strategic documents, protocol documents of the Government of the Republic of Macedonia for the accession of Macedonia to the Partnership for Peace, facsimiles from the “Decree of the President of the Republic of Macedonia for promulgation of a law for ratification of the Agreement between the States Parties to the North Atlantic Treaty and other States participating in the Partnership for Peace on the status of their forces” from 1996 , the first White Book on Defence from 1998, various exhibits from the NATO Liaison Office in Skopje, the Euro-Atlantic Council of Macedonia and the MoD of the Republic of Macedonia, numerous plaques, badges, chevrons, publications, photographs of NATO activities and activities of the ARM in peace missions.