Amendments in the enrolment procedure at the Military Academy aiming for greater transparency – all candidates that met the announcement criteria have been admitted

A total of 22 candidates have been admitted in the two enrollment dates for the announcement for enrollment of students / cadets in the first cycle of studies for the needs of the Ministry of Defence and the Army of the Republic of Macedonia in the academic year 2017/18.

All candidates met the general and special requirements of the Announcement, passed the psychological tests, the medical examinations and the physical checks. According to the Rulebook, one (1) additional candidate, who is the child of a killed member of the Army of the Republic of Macedonia, has been accepted.

At the reception, the constitutional principles for equitable representation were complied with in the acceptance procedure: out of the total number of enrolled candidates, 16 are Macedonians, five are Albanians, and two are Vlachs. Additionally, both genders are represented: 13 are male, and 10 are female.

The second enrollment date was in accordance with the changes in the procedure for admission of students to the Military Academy. Namely, after the early announcement of the first enrollment date on 4 May, when only five candidates were admitted out of 84 candidates, which caused public reactions and non-transparency remarks, amendments were made to the Rulebook for enrollment to guarantee fair conditions for all candidates.

According to the new Rulebook, inter alia, the candidates are tested anonymously, by using a code, instead of a name and surname. The psychological tests are carried out by psychologists employed in the Army and an external member from the Psychiatry Clinic, and furthermore, the psychological tests are conducted in writing in order to avoid manipulation during scoring and to provide written evidence in cases of appealing the selection decision to the second instance commission.