Joint exercise of the special units of Macedonia and the United States

At the barracks in Gjorche Petrov, the Minister of Defence of the Republic of Macedonia, Zoran Jolevski, participated today on the occasion of the Distinguished Visitors Day, which marked the completion of the joint exercise of the members of the Special Operations Regiment of the Army of the Republic of Macedonia, the special units of the Ministry of Interior and the special units of the United States.

In his address, Minister Jolevski firstly expressed congratulations on the successful holding of the exercise and stressed that with the support of the strategic partners, the members of the Army of the Republic of Macedonia and the Ministry of Defence are a guarantee for the security and territorial integrity and sovereignty of our country.

“I express gratitude to the United States and to the US Embassy in the Republic of Macedonia for the support that they give for the development of the Macedonian Army. After my visit to the US Special Operations Command exactly two years ago, in 2015, we have strengthened the cooperation between the US Special Forces and the Special Operations Regiment. This exercise is the first of this year that we will have with members of the US, which including exercises of all segments, not only in the field of special operations. I stress that good cooperation has been established with the NATO Special Operations Command and the US Special Operations Command Europe” – said Minister Jolevski.

We continue to strengthen the Army and these exercises are a result of the declaration of our strategic partnership with the US, where the cooperation in the defence sector has a high position. We will continue to improve the capacities of the Army, with training for members and for equipment of the Special Operations Regiment and for all remaining ARM units, the minister added.

The US Ambassador in the Republic of Macedonia, Jess Baily, said that they are proud to witness the cooperation of the Special Forces and their capabilities. “Today we had the opportunity to see the culmination of the three-week training conducted by Special Forces of the US European Command. This is part of the joint efforts of Macedonia and the United States to cope with terrorism and this is why all our units have to be prepared. This is just one example of our very close cooperation over the past years together with the Police and the Army. It is a sign of the continuation of our partnership. Through these exercises we will jointly contribute to the security of the citizens” – noted Ambassador Baily.

This exercise activity, which is the first this year, is conducted under the joint training programs for members of the Army and is the result of the multiyear activities held between the Republic of Macedonia and the United States in the field of defence. On today’s demonstration exercise part of the activities that were jointly exercised in the previous days by these units were shown. The same exercise has been held for the second consecutive year together with the members of the MOI. The aim of the exercise is to improve the interoperability between the Special Forces of Macedonia and the United States and the enhancing of the capacities of the Special Forces in the Republic of Macedonia.