Shekerinska at the oath ceremony for voluntary military service in Veles: You are our future defenders and peacekeepers

“You are the future defenders of the Republic of Macedonia, and future ambassadors of peace in international operations. With your choice, you have now become not only a part of the defence of our homeland, but also the beginning of a future professional composition of the Army”, Defence Minister Radmila Shekerinska said to 53 soldiers – volunteers from the 32nd generation on today’s oath ceremony in the barracks In Veles.

The minister said that besides the honour of being part of the defence, the military service opens the door for further professional development in the military profession. “Like many of your predecessors, you can also continue to upgrade the military profession in the professional composition of the Army of the Republic of Macedonia and choose the military profession as a life-long commitment. For that purpose, in the upcoming period, you will go through intense military training together with your instructors and commanders”, the minister said. She noted that the intention is to increase the number of young people who choose to volunteer for military service and who will choose a career precisely in the ARM.

The Minister expressed satisfaction that in the ranks of the volunteer soldiers there are representatives of all ethnic communities in the Republic of Macedonia and members of the male and female gender, since the defence of the fatherland does not differ by gender, nor ethnic, nor religious belonging.

To the families of the volunteer soldiers, the Minister said that their children had chosen a very noble profession and that they should be proud of them and their choice. “I as the Minister of Defence and the Ministry of Defence will do everything in our power to support your children who will choose the military call-up to become their life commitment”, the Minister said.

“The military service in the ARM that you volunteered for will surely have a great impact in your future life. Being a member of the ARM is evidence of your maturity, which you will confirm with the completion of the training with success”, said the Deputy Chief of General Staff of the ARM, Major General Muhamet Racaj, to the volunteer soldiers.

Within the 32nd generation of volunteer soldiers there are 10 female members. In a period of three months the soldiers will gain knowledge and skills from the basic military training in the Individual Training Centre.