Director of the General Staff of ARM


Direktor na GS na ARM General Petreski
Date and place of birth: 15.10.1961, in Veles, Republic of Macedonia

Military education:
• Military Academy – Land Force, Belgrade and Karlovac 1980-1984;
• Command – Staff School – MA “Mihajlo Apostolski“, Skopje, 1995 – 1996;
• National Security and Defence school at MA “GS Rakovski” Sofia, Republic of Bulgaria, 2005 – 2006, earning the academic title Master of Security and Defence with the Master’s thesis entitled “The Possibilities for Developing the Command and Control System of the National State for Participation in Allied Multinational Operations“;
• Post – graduate studies at the Institute for Security, Defence and Peace, Faculty of Philosophy in Skopje, Master’s thesis “Conceptual Development and Organizational Transformation of the ARM in Function of NATO Integration”, earning the academic title Master of Defence in 2008.
• On 01.06.2011, he earned his doctoral degree in defence with the dissertation “International Military Operations and the Participation of the ARM”

Military career – duties:
• Platoon commander;
• Company commander;
• Head of engineering in a Guard Brigade;
• Engineering battalion commander;
• Chief of staff in an engineering regiment;
• Deputy commander of a guard brigade;
• Commander of 7th motorized brigade;
• Engineering regiment commander;
• Chief of Plans Section in the Gs of ARM;
• Head of Public relations Office and ARM Spokesperson;
• Training Command Commander;
• Commander of 2nd mechanized infantry brigade;
• Commander of 1st mechanized infantry brigade.
• Director of the General Staff of ARM

• Second lieutenant (1984)
• Lieutenant (1985)
• Captain (1988)
• Captain 1st class (1992)
• Major (1996)
• Lieutenant Colonel (2000)
• Colonel (2004)
• Brigadier General (2007)

• The Vermont National Guard Commendation Medal
• ARM Golden badge by the Chief of General Staff of the ARM
• Silver badge for long service in the ARM by the Minister of Defence of the Republic of Macedonia

• Course for use of engineering units ENTEC, Regional NATO centre, Munich, FR Germany, December 1996;
• Public Relations Course, Bern, Swiss Confederation, November 2004;
• Intensive English Language Course, January- September 2005;
• Course for Planning NATO Expeditionary Operations, April 2008.
Published books:
• ARM Towards NATO, co-author with Zoran Nacev, Ph.D, published by the Faculty of Philosophy – Skopje;
• General on leadership and Characteristics of Military Leadership, published by “Evropa 92“ – Kochani.

• Certain Problems in Operational Planning, Military Academy “GS Rakovski“, Sofia, R. Bulgaria;
• Guidance and Priorities in Developing the State Military Power, Military Academy “GS Rakovski“, Sofia, R. Bulgaria;
• Factors of Armed Combat, Military Academy “General Mihajlo Apostolski” – Skopje;
• Methodology of developing a vision for the development of the armed forces, Military Academy “GS Rakovski“, Sofia, R. Bulgaria;
• Leadership, Contemporary Macedonian Defence;

Foreign languages:
English V level

Marital status:
Married, father of two and grandfather of two granddaughters

Hunting and fishing