Beginning of the international exercise “Saber Guardian 17″ where the ARM participates with 71 members

The international exercise “Saber Guardian 17″ was officially opened today (11 July), with the participation of the Army of the Republic of Macedonia with 71 members from the composition of the Military Police, the Engineering Battalion, the Special Task Battalion and the members of the Balkan Medical Task Forces.

The ARM members will carry out military tasks together with the compositions of the 709th Military Police Battalion, the 2nd Engineering Squadron and the 30th Medical Brigade of the US Armed Forces, as well as with the Special Operations Combat Group under the command of Hungary.

The exercise “Saber Guardian 2017″ is thus far the largest multinational military exercise in the Black Sea region, organized and led by the US Army in Europe, which is being conducted in the territories of Hungary, Romania and Bulgaria, and which is participated by more than 25,000 members of the Armed Forces of 22 NATO and Partner member states.

Below you can see some photos from the opening of the exercise and part of the activities of the ARM Military Police during their journey to the final destination, establishing a base camp near Râmnicu Vâlcea, Romania and the initial tasks in patrols and checkpoints according to the given scenario.




The members of the Army of the Republic of Macedonia will participate in part of two major exercises with NATO member states in this and the following month, one of which is “Saber Guardian 2017″, which will be held in Romania, Hungary and Bulgaria, while the other, “Dragoon Guardian” will be held at Military Range Krivolak in the Republic of Macedonia.

The Saber Guardian 2017 exercise will be held in the three countries from June 23 to July 26, and includes over 25,000 members of the Armed Forces of over 20 NATO countries and partner countries and represents the largest exercise in the Black Sea region this year. The exercise is organized and led by the US Army in Europe.

The Republic of Macedonia participates in this exercise with 71 members deployed in Romania and Hungary. Part of this exercise will be members of the Engineering Battalion, the Military Police, the Special Task Battalion and the Balkan Medical Task Forces. In addition to the basic equipment, 8 Humvee and Landrover vehicles will also be deployed in this exercise. 9 members of the Balkan Medical Task Forces will also take part in this exercise, the organization of which Macedonia takes part in and whose headquarters are located in Skopje.

The purpose of the exercise is to demonstrate the readiness of the members of the participating countries to respond to a larger scenario involving computer-supported exercises, field training and live firing exercises.

The Ministry of Defence and the Army of the Republic of Macedonia see this exercise as a way to improve common procedures and techniques for working with the other NATO armies. One of the key pillars of the modern Army, such as the Army of the Republic of Macedonia, are the continuous exercises as a way of maintaining and improving and increasing the knowledge and experience of the members of the Army. Through the participation in joint exercises, the members of the Army recognize and practice the procedures of work of NATO Armies, which contributes to even greater interoperability in joint participation in future peace missions and operations.

The Minister of Defecse of the Republic of Macedonia, Radmila Shekerinska, will attend and address the sending of the members of the ARM in this exercise, which is planned for July 6 (Thursday) – 10 am in the Ilinden barracks in Skopje, where we are inviting you to attend.

In mid-July, together with a delegation from the MOD and ARM, Minister Radmila Shekerinska will be participating in the Distinguished Visitors Day in Romania, and the media will be provided with video material and information about the visit.


Immediately after the completion of the exercise “Saber Guardian”, members of the Army of the Republic of Macedonia and the European Command of the Armed Forces of the United States will conduct the exercise “Dragoon Guardian”, which will take place at the largest military range in Macedonia, “Krivolak”.

95 members of the ARM from the Engineering Battalion of the 1st Mechanized Infantry Brigade and 300 members of the United States Armed Forces (from the 2nd Cavalry Regiment) will take part in the exercise, which will enter the Republic of Macedonia on July 28 (from the Republic of Bulgaria) with over 100 motor vehicles.

With the realization of this significantly large joint exercise, the bilateral cooperation strengthens between Macedonia and our strategic partner, the United States of America, the interoperability with the United States improves, and thus with NATO, experiences and knowledge are exchanged in the field of engineering units and units for carrying out operations, and this also affects the development of mutual trust and understanding.

In order to meet the media interest, the Ministry and the Army, together with the US Embassy, are planning several activities that include: media coverage of the entrance of the vehicles of the United States Armed Forces at the Deve Bair border crossing point and photo/video opportunity; several events throughout cities in Macedonia, including Skopje where there will be an opportunity to see the equipment of the United States Armed Forces and an open day of the exercise, activities for which you will be further notified.

More information on the following link: http://www.arm.mil.mk/baza/vezbi/saber_guardian_17.html